Artists, Visionaries and Documenters

We are a boutique vendor – which means we are selective and take a tremendous amount of pride and preparation for each couple.  Our philosophy is to create something unique and special every time we pick up a camera.  We like to learn as much as possible about our couples and often develop friendships that continue well past the wedding.

Meet Mike

Education: I graduated from Marist College and worked on Wall Street as a computer programmer for 5 years before switching to my true passion of Photography
Music: Folk music has my heart, but I pretty much like everything! I Cultivate a “Song of the Week” Playlist on Spotify
Television: The Office reruns for the millionth time and loving every second of it
Goals: I’ve been getting into hot yoga.  I love improving, clearing my head, and learning new moves
Passion: I love long road trips – I hope one day to visit every national park


When I'm not shooting weddings...



Our goal is to put you in front of the best background with the best light.  From there, we’re going to capture your true identity (and maybe try to make you laugh!)   We steer clear of traditional posing and the awkwardness of attempting to hold a kiss for 432 seconds. Trust our vision and feel safe with us there to create magic.


Family Formals: Ok, so you’re going to have to do some posing.  Family formals are incredibly important and something we take a lot of pride in.  We will work with you to make sure we get all of the most important shots and capture the memories of family that you’ll treasure forever.
Reception:  Once you get to the party our job is easy! Just kidding (well kind of.)  The reception is your time to have fun – we are simply there to capture the vibe and preserve it.  We may even have some fun with you too!


We will capture you authentically and transport you back to experience the intimate details and feelings of your wedding day.   Every wedding is unique and every couple has a story. Our work is unique to each couple, tailored to your style, infused with our creative vision.

We build long-lasting relationships that extend well past your wedding

Your photographers are going to be with you all day on the most important day of your life.  Choose someone you can call a friend.