Google Drive Instructions

Step 1) Right-click the video file(s) and press ‘Download’

This will download the video(s) to your computer and allow for the highest quality viewing. It is also the first step to transferring videos to DVD, iPad, apple TV, etc.

Step 2) Drag the video file(s) to ‘My Drive’ (top left):

Step 3) Press ‘OK if the warning appears:

The video file(s) have now been moved to your personal Google Drive

Step 4) Click ‘My Drive’ (top left):

The video(s) have now been successfully added to your google drive. Google Drive can be accessed and videos can be re-downloaded at anytime by logging into your google account and going to

From google drive you are able to make copies and send the video(s) to friends and family!

Any questions/issues? Please don’t hesitate to contact us!